Keeping Education Costs Down

First, my apologies for the recent writing¬†drought. Though you may not have been aware, this week Arizona celebrated one hundred years as a state. I have an academic specialty in the history of the state, so I made my small contribution to the celebration by writing three published essays on the political legacy of the founding period. Since I don’t link to my real world self on this blog, you’ll have to contact me through other means if you are interested in links to those pieces. Now, back to the matter at hand…

If capping student loans is such a bad idea, how do I propose we lower (or at least slow the growth of) educational costs in this country? I think the answer lies in a combination of at least three things: (1) increased state (not federal) subsidies (here), (2) re-emphasis on teaching as the primary mission of state universities (here, here, and here), and (3) a national health care system. These are big issues, so I’ll tackle them in separate posts and update this space later with links.

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