Close of the Term

It’s one of my favorite times of year, the close of the Supreme Court’s term. Yes, I’m nerdy like that. But these are some big, significant decisions being made. I suggest, as I always do, that you follow along with Slate‘s Supreme Court Year in Review. ¬†Though I miss having Dahlia Lithwick involved, Emily Bazelon has stepped in well, with Walter Dellinger, Eric Posner, and Richard A. Posner sharing wonderful insights. Because I especially appreciate Judge Posner’s keep intellect, here’s a link to his first entry.

So far we’ve had consequential decisions on DNA collection from suspects (yes) and gene patenting (no), voting registration (striking down an AZ law), and federal spending and prostitution (the government can’t force organizations receiving grants to promote anti-prostitution efforts),¬†with decisions on gay marriage, the Voting Rights Act, and affirmative action still to come. Stay tuned!

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